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A square dipyramid is a special case of the pyramid where the base is a square pyramid. It is also a special case of the dipyramid where the base is a square.


  • Variables:
l ⇒ length of each line in the square dipyramid
total edge length = 13l
total surface area = (1 + 6√3) · l2
surcell volume = 2√23 · l3
bulk = Unknown
[!x,!y] ⇒ triangular prism
[!z,!w] ⇒ square pyramid


The net of a square dipyramid is two square pyramids attached at their bases with four tetrahedra each attached to another face of one of the square based pyramids.

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The parallel projection of a square dipyramid is the following:


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Square dipyramid
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