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A sphone is a special case of a pyramid where the base is a sphere. It contains the base sphere and a 3-D surface.


  • Variables:
r ⇒ radius of base of sphone
h ⇒ height of sphone
  • All points (x, y, z, w) that lie on the surcell of a sphone will satisfy the following equations:
  • All points (x, y, z) that lie on the faces of a sphone will satisfy the following equations:
x2 + y2 + z2 = r2
w = 0
total edge length = 0
total surface area = 4π · r2
surcell volume = 3 · r2 · (r+√(r2+h2)
bulk = π3 · r3h
[!x,!y,!z] ⇒ cone
[!w] ⇒ sphere of radius (rnrh)

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