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A coninder is a special case of a prism where the base is a cone. It is bounded by two cones, a cylinder and a cylindrogram.


  • Variables:
r ⇒ radius of base of coninder
h ⇒ height of coninder
l ⇒ length of coninder
total edge length = 4πr + l
total surface area = 2πr(r + 2l + √(r2 + h2))
surcell volume = πr(2rh3 + l(r + √(r2 + h2)))
bulk = π3 · r2hl
[!x,!y] ⇒ isosceles triangular prism of base length 2r, perpendicular height h and length l
[!z] ⇒ cylinder of radius (rnrh) and height l
[!w] ⇒ cone of base radius r and height h


Cylinder-first: (image) Cone-first: (image) Round face-first: (image)


The following is the parallel projection of the coninder:


In perspective projection, the coninder can also appear as two concentric cones. Note that the frustum at the bottom is actually a cylinder:


The following are also perspective projections of the coninder. It shows the two cones and the cylinder, with the cylindrogram collapsed into a line:


Its edge-first projection into 3-space is a cylinder containing two cones joined apex to apex by an edge.

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