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The torisphere, previously known as the toraspherinder, is a four-dimensional torus formed by taking an uncapped spherinder and connecting its ends through its inside. Its toratopic dual is the spheritorus. It has two possible cross-sections in coordinate planes through the origin: the torus, and two concentric spheres.


  • Variables:
r ⇒ minor radius of the torisphere
R ⇒ major radius of the torisphere
  • All points (x, y, z, w) that lie on the surcell of a torisphere will satisfy the following equation:
(√(x2 + y2 + z2) − R)2 + w2 = r2
  • The parametric equations are:
x = r cos a cos b cos c + R cos b cos c
y = r cos a cos b sin c + R cos b sin c
z = r cos a sin b + R sin b
w = r sin a
total edge length = 0
total surface area = 0
surcell volume = 8π2Rr2
bulk = 8π2Rr33-1


Jonathan Bowers aka Polyhedron Dude created these two excellent cross-section renderings:

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7a. (III)I
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8a. ((II)I)I
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