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The tetrahedral prism is a special case of a prism where the base is a tetrahedron. It is also the digonal orthobicupolic ring.[1] It is bounded by two tetrahedra and four triangular prisms.


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Notable Tetrashapes
Regular: pyrochoronaerochorongeochoronxylochoronhydrochoroncosmochoron
Powertopes: triangular octagoltriatesquare octagoltriatehexagonal octagoltriateoctagonal octagoltriate
Circular: glomecubinderduocylinderspherindersphonecylindronediconeconinder
Torii: tigertorispherespheritorustorinderditorus

25. 1[11]1
Square pyramid prism
26. 112
Tetrahedral prism
27. [111]1
Triangular prismic pyramid
List of tapertopes