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The cyltrianglinder is the limiting shape of an n,3-duoprism as n approaches infinity. In other words, it is the Cartesian product of a circle and a triangle. It is bounded by three cylinders and a curved cell formed by bending a triangular prism in 4D and joining the ends. Its faces are three circles and three curved faces formed by joining the ends of a rectangle in 3D.

The net of a cyltrianglinder is a triangular prism surrounded by three cylinders.


  • Variables:
r ⇒ radius of the circular faces
l ⇒ length of the edges in the triangles
total edge length = 6πr
total surface area = 3πr(r + 2l)
surcell volume = πr(3rl + √32 · l2)
bulk = √34 · πr2 · l2


The following are two possible projections of the cyltrianglinder:


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