Stauromesohedron (EntityTopic, 11)

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The stauromesohedron is also known as the cuboctahedron. Of the six uniform mesohedra, it is the only one whose elemental name is longer (by one syllable) than its widely accepted name, however it was renamed for consistency. t has 6 squares and 8 triangles as its faces, two of each kind of face join at each vertex.


  • The hypervolumes of a cuboctahedron are:
total edge length=24l surface area= (6+2√3) · l2 volume = 5√23 · l3

Incidence matrix

Dual: rhombic dodecahedron

0 Va = point ;
1 Ea 2 = digon ;
2 3a 33 = triangle ;
3 4a 44 = square ;
4 C1a 122486 = stauromesohedron ;

Usage as facets

Notable Trishapes
Regular: tetrahedroncubeoctahedrondodecahedronicosahedron
Direct truncates: tetrahedral truncatecubic truncateoctahedral truncatedodecahedral truncateicosahedral truncate
Mesotruncates: stauromesohedronstauroperihedronstauropantohedronrhodomesohedronrhodoperihedronrhodopantohedron
Snubs: snub staurohedronsnub rhodohedron
Curved: spheretoruscylinderconefrustumcrind