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If you'd like to do some searches on the fourth dimension in a search engine yourself, I recommend checking out my page with fourth dimension search terms

If you've been here before, you'll notice that I split up the links into several subsections. The links page was getting pretty long so I thought it would be best to do this.

Subsections of links

Short introductions - short introductions to what the fourth dimension is.
Discussion of the fourth dimension - discussions of the fourth dimension beyond just an introduction, plus technical papers.
Higher-dimensional shapes - pages on the shapes of the fourth dimension: hypercubes, polychora, hyperspheres, etc.
Dimensions and Modern Physics - pages about Kaluza Klein theories, curvature of space, braneworlds, and the use of dimensions to unify the forces.

Java applets - pages with rotatable 4d polytopes and mazes.
Programs, Multimedia, and Games - programs such as tesseract viewers, 4d rubik's cube, 4d environment to explore, and 4d animations. 

Books and Authors
- pages about fourth dimension books, and homepages of authors that have written books on the fourth dimension.
Professors and Class Webpages - professors who teach on subjects related to the fourth dimension, plus class webpages whose subject material includes the fourth dimension.
Link lists and discussion forums
- sites with lists of links to other fourth dimension webpages, plus discussion forums.

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