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Dimensions and Modern Physics

Extra Dimensions [ John Terning ] - Introduction to kaluza klein theories and large and warped extra dimensions, plus author's current research on extra dimensional theories.
Hyperspheres, Hyperspace, and the Fourth Spatial Dimension
[ Michael Feltz ] - discussion on the fourth spatial dimension and its relation to the curvature of space
In Search of Extra Dimensions [ SpaceDaily ] - article about the search for extra dimensions in modern physics.
Looking for Extra Dimensions [ Patricia Schwarz ] - introduction to dimensions and string theory, braneworlds, and supersymmetry.
Origin and Evolution of the Universe: Extra Dimensions [ Michael B Williams ] - introduction to extra dimensions in physics, and their relation to the effort to unify quantum mechanics and general relativity
The Search for Extra Dimensions [ PhysicsWeb ] - article about branes, unification of forces, and gravitons.
Theories with Extra Dimensions [ Phenomology Institute ] - introduction to dimensions being used to unify the forces.

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