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Java Applets

4D Model: Tesseract [ Harry J Smith ] - Java applet with rotatable tesseract.
4-D Polytope viewer [ Michael Gibbs ] - A polytope viewer that shows fifteen different polytopes, and also a Draw4d dos program that displays polytopes.
4th Dimension [ Mark Sudduth ] - LiveGraphics3d applets that show three- and four-dimensional surfaces like the klein bottle, pseudo-spheres, and figure-8 torus, with explanations of what the shapes are.
*New 11/29/03* Flatland: Triangle [ Nicholas Jackiw ] - Java Sketchpad applet that gives you a flatlander view as you move a flatlander and a triangle around in a small 2d world. 
Four dimensional maze - navigate the maze by moving among multiple square mazes.
Hypercube by Harmen [ Harmen van der Wal ] - short introduction to the fourth dimension, plus a hypercube java applet game
Hyperspace Simulation with arbitrary number of dimensions [ Domenico De Riso ] - applet showing the intersection of an n-dimensional hypercube with a plane of n-1 dimensions.
Java Examples [ Richard Koch ] - java applet that can display all the regular three and four dimensional solids, rotatable through buttons.
Regular 4d Polytope foldouts - java applets with rotatable 4d polytope foldouts.
Rotating Four-Dimensional Shapes [ Mark E. Shoulson ] - java applet with hypercube and simplex, which can be rotated by clicking buttons.
Seeing into four dimensions [ Ken Perlin ] - java applet with a mouse-rotatable hypercube, hyper-simplex, 4d knots, klein bottle, and other shapes. The java applet has an open API, so you can define javascript calls in your own webpage to display your own shapes with the applet.
Stereoscopic Animated Hypercube, 24-Cell Object, Cross-Polytope, Simplex Object [ Mark Newbold ] - stereoscopic rotating java shapes, which pop out at you if you have 3d glasses. Also by Mark Newbold: Hyperspace Start Polytope Slicer, Mark Newbold's Rhombic Dodecahedron Page, and HyperSpace Polytope Slicer.
The Tesseract ( 2 ) [ Alex Bogomolny ] - with an applet that allows you to rotate the tesseract around one plane at a time.

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