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Short introductions

Beyond 3D: Introduction to the Fourth Dimension [ Davide Cervone ] - Intro to the fourth dimension.
Bogglers: Hyperspace: Up, Out, and Away
[ Discover Magazine ] - short article from Discover Magazine about the fourth dimension.
X Construction of the Hypercube (tesseracts) - stereoscopic tesseract images.
Dimensions [ The Tesseract School ] - intro to dimensions and hypercubes up to the seventh dimension.
Dimensionality [ Dwight Vincent ] - an introduction to the fourth dimension and a discussion involving the history of dimensionality.
E. Mayev's Fourth Dimension [ Emil Mayev ] - a short discussion of the fourth dimension.
The Four Dimension: A Brief Introduction [ James Richard Skemp ] - a short introduction to the three dimensions of space and the fourth of time.
X The Fourth Dimension - Review of the Literature [ Meredith Houlton ] - overview of the fourth dimension.
Fourth Dimension Simply Explained
[ University of Virginia ] - collection of essays submitted to a contest to describe the fourth dimension in under 2500 words.
Higher Dimensions [ Lee Stemkoski ] - introduction to the tesseract.
Hypercube [ Drew Olbrich ] - sequence of images showing the rotation of a hypercube.
Hypercube (also in German) [ Juergen Koeller ] - introduction to the hypercube, with drawings, coordinates, and equations.
Hypercubes [ Jonathan Bowen ] - introduction to the fourth dimension and n-dimensional objects.
An Introduction to the Fourth Dimension and Beyond [ Gerald Clement St. Germane ] - introduces hypercubes, has a table of geometric properties of structures from the 1st to the 13th dimension, and gives the properties of multi-dimensional rectangular structures.
Is "Time" Really the Fourth Dimension? [ David McNaughton ] - discusses time and the fourth dimension.
On the Fourth Dimension [ James McManus] - short discussion of the fourth dimension
Time, the Fourth Dimension [ Jim Loy ] - short discussion of time and the fourth dimension
X Tesseracts - short intro to tesseracts.
Topology and Juggling: Four-Dimensional Braids [ Brown University ] - uses juggling to demonstrate four dimensional braids.
Understanding Dimensions [ Vivek Panda ] - introduction to the dimensions, plus discussion on time flow rate, curved space, and virtual present.
S Viewing Four-Dimensional Objects In Three Dimensions [ Geometry Forum ] - intro to visualizing four dimensional objects.
Visualizing 4 dimensional objects in 3 dimensional space [ Gurudev ] - introduction to the 4d cube and 4d sphere entering our universe.
Visualizing 4D Hypercube By Mapping onto a 3D Tesseract [ Alan B Scrivener ] - visualization of four dimensional data.
Visualizing the Hypercube [ Zbigniew Fiedorowicz ] - intro to visualizing the hypercube.
What is the Fourth Dimension? [ Rick Duval ] - a short introduction.
Why Bother with Extra Dimensions? [ Sanjeev Seahra ] - History of the fourth dimension in science, dimensionality and unification of time and space, gravity and magnetism, fundamental forces.

Second Dimension

Adventures in Flatland - about a 15 minute stop-action movie the authors made.
Yendred's homepage - hero of the Planiverse.

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