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Higher-dimensional shapes

Four dimensional figures page [ George Olshevsky, aka Polycell ] - tabulates all of the convex uniform polychora (four-dimensional polytopes)
A 4-dimensional sphere, animated [ Harry Foundalis ] - discussion of the mathematics of a 4-dimensional sphere, and what it looks like. 
The Fourth Dimension [ John Savard ] - description of four dimensional polytopes, with images
Gallery of Mathematics / Hyperspace Structures [ Andy Burbanks and Keith Beardmore ] - information about a couple higher dimensional shapes. [ Hans Niedermann ] - some images of hypercubes and Sierpinski triangles, with the java source code to generate them.
Student of Hyperspace [ Eric Swab ] - computer projections of the six regular polyhedra that exist in 4-space.
Uniform Polychora [ Jonathan Bowers, aka Hedrondude ] - uniform polychora and the short names he has given them, plus POVray rendered three-dimensional cross sections of them.

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