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Introduction (2003-12-23)
Introduces the concept of the 4th dimension.

The adventures of Fred, Bob and Emily

From the 2nd to the 3rd dimension (2003-01-13)
Bob, who lives in the 3rd dimension, interacts with Fred, who lives in the 2nd dimension.
From the 3rd to the 4th dimension (2003-01-19)
Emily, who lives in the 4th dimension, interacts with Bob.
Rotation (2003-01-19)
Explains the properties of rotation the different dimensions.
Flatness and Levitation (2003-01-18)
How objects from one dimension look in other dimensions.

The world

Wheels in the different dimensions (2003-01-19)
Introduces the properties of wheels and tires from the 2nd to the 4th dimension.
War in the dimensions (2003-01-19)
How war would work in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th dimension.
Bodies of water (2001-06-03)
Lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water.

Higher dimensional shapes

Index of higher dimensional shapes
Rotatope properties (2003-03-16)
Properties of round shapes from the fourth dimension.
Rotatope classification (2003-03-16)
Several classification schemes for round shapes from the fourth dimension.
Shape Intersection Applet (2003-02-23)
Shows the intersection of shapes from the fourth dimension with lower-dimensional shapes.
Shape formulas (2003-03-14)
Face, volume, and rotation formulas.
Polyhedra (2003-02-22)
The regular three-dimensional solids. 

Other fourth dimension topics

Definition of Dimension (2003-10-25)
The confusion of dimension terms (2004-01-16)
Discusses the confusion between terms of the 4th dimension like hypercube and tesseract.
Fourth Dimension search terms (2003-10-25)
Search terms that one can use when searching for pages on the fourth dimension.
Time vs spatial 4th dimension (2003-02-11)
Discusses the debate between the 4th dimension being time or being spatial.
Book Reviews (2003-02-26)
Reviews on books about the fourth dimension.
Fourth Dimension Glossary (2003-12-08: 108 words total)
Terms relating to the fourth dimension.
Fourth Dimension Links (2003-10-25)
Links to other sites about the fourth dimension.
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