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Programs, multimedia

f00Dave's Tesseract Viewer Demo - opengl demo that displays a tesseract.
Hyper [ Mike D'Zmura ] - explorable 4d environment that is controlled similar to a first person shooter.
Knotted Spheres in the Fourth Dimension
[ Andrew J Hanson ] - A small mpg of a "knotted-sphere" (a knotted two-manifold embedded in 4d space). 
nklein software [ Patrick Stein ] - non-orientable software in any dimension: ray-tracer for multi-dimensional images.
Polytope visualization: Peek [ Gordon Kindlmann ] - program for displaying projections and cross sections of n-dimensional polytopes.
Russell Towle's 4D Star Polytope Animations [ Russell Towle ] - Quicktime animations of four-dimensional star polytopes.


4D Maze Game [ John McIntosh ] - four dimensional maze game to download.
4-dimensional crossword [ Chris Benn ] - 4-dimensional crossword puzzle that was originally published 1989 in Gemini.
Magic cube 4d
[ Don Hatch and Melinda Green ] - four dimensional rubik's cube

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