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Last revised 2003-10-25

If you're new to the subject of the fourth dimension, it can be hard to figure out the right words to use in order to find the relevant pages using search engines. Below I have listed a number of terms that I have found helpful when looking for sites on the subject of the fourth dimension. Some of them are from search terms that other people have used that led them to my page.

I use these terms myself whenever I am looking for more pages for my fourth dimension links page.

Stand-alone search terms

[ 4th dimension ] - Using '4th dimension' will result in completely different search results than 'fourth dimension' with certain search engines. The term '4th dimension' doesn't seem to work as well as 'fourth dimension', since there is database software with the name '4th dimension' and numerous webpage companies with that name too.
[ 4 dimensional ] - Gives a lot of results relating to scientific and mathematical research, most specifically topology and quantum mechanics.
[ extra dimensions ] - Results in pages about modern physics theories.
[ flatland ] - Many webpages refer to the classic book Flatland by Edwin Abbott Abbott.
[ fourth dimension ] - Overall, 'fourth dimension' is the best general search term for the subject.
[ four dimensional ] - returns a number of results about four dimensional data representation and four dimensional surfaces
[ hyper-dimensional ]
[ hypercube ]
[ hypersphere ]
[ hyperspace ]
[ n-dimensional ] - Using the term 'n-dimensional' will result in more mathematically oriented pages.
[ polychora ]
[ tesseract ]

Combination search terms

These are terms that don't return many relevant results on their own, but can be helpful when combined with the terms above or with each other:

[ 4-d ] or [ 4d ]
[ 4-space ]
[ cube ]
[ dimensions ]
[ four-space
[ geometry ]
[ length width height ] - Many pages make use of the three terms length, width, and height when introducing the fourth dimension.
[ polytope ]
[ space ]
[ visualization ] or [ visualizing ]

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