List of bracketopes (Meta, 4)

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This is a list of bracketopes in dimensions from zero to five.

Name Toratopic index Tapertopic index Bracketopic index Bracket notation
0D bracketopes (total 1)
Point N/A 0 0 Empty string
1D bracketopes (total 1)
Digon N/A 1 1 I
2D bracketopes (total 2)
Square 1a 3 2 [II]
Circle 1b 2 3 (II)
3D bracketopes (total 6)
Cube 2a 7 4 [III]
Octahedron N/A N/A 5 <III>
Sphere 2b 5 6 (III)
Cylinder 3a 6 7 [(II)I]
Bicone N/A N/A 8 <(II)I>
Crind N/A N/A 9 ([II]I)
4D bracketopes (total 21)
Geochoron 4a 16 10 [IIII]
Aerochoron N/A N/A 11 <IIII>
Glome 4b 12 12 (IIII)
Cubinder 5a 15 13 [(II)II]
Dibicone N/A N/A 14 <(II)II>
Dicrind N/A N/A 15 ([II]II)
Octahedral prism N/A N/A 16 [<III>I]
Spherinder 7a 13 17 [(III)I]
Cubic bipyramid N/A N/A 18 <[III]I>
Bisphone N/A N/A 19 <(III)I>
Cubic crind N/A N/A 20 ([III]I)
Octahedral crind N/A N/A 21 (<III>I)
Biconic prism N/A N/A 22 [<(II)I>I]
Crindal prism N/A N/A 23 [([II]I)I]
Bicylindrone N/A N/A 24 <[(II)I]I>
Crindal bipyramid N/A N/A 25 <([II]I)I>
Cylindrical crind N/A N/A 26 ([(II)I]I)
Biconic crind N/A N/A 27 (<(II)I>I)
Duocylinder 6a 14 28 [(II)(II)]
Duocircular tegum N/A N/A 29 <(II)(II)>
Duocrind N/A N/A 30 ([II][II])
5D bracketopes (total 75)
Geoteron 9a 36 31 [IIIII]
Aeroteron N/A N/A 32 <IIIII>
Pentasphere 9b 30 33 (IIIII)
Tesserinder 10a 35 34 [(II)III]
Tribicone N/A N/A 35 <(II)III>
Tricrind N/A N/A 36 ([II]III)
Octahedral diprism N/A N/A 37 [<III>II]
Cubspherinder 12a 33 38 [(III)II]
Cubic dibipyramid N/A N/A 39 <[III]II>
Dibisphone N/A N/A 40 <(III)II>
Cubic dicrind N/A N/A 41 ([III]II)
Octahedral dicrind N/A N/A 42 (<III>II)
Hexadecachoral prism N/A N/A 43 [<IIII>I]
Glominder 16a 31 44 [(IIII)I]
Tesseractic bipyramid N/A N/A 45 <[IIII]I>
Biglone N/A N/A 46 <(IIII)I>
Tesseractic crind N/A N/A 47 ([IIII]I)
Hexadecachoral crind N/A N/A 48 (<IIII>I)
Biconic diprism N/A N/A 49 [<(II)I>II]
Crindal diprism N/A N/A 50 [([II]I)II]
Dibicylindrone N/A N/A 51 <[(II)I]II>
Crindal dibipyramid N/A N/A 52 <([II]I)II>
Cylindrical dicrind N/A N/A 53 ([(II)I]II)
Biconic dicrind N/A N/A 54 (<(II)I>II)
Dibiconic prism N/A N/A 55 [<(II)II>I]
Dicrindal prism N/A N/A 56 [([II]II)I]
Bicubindrone N/A N/A 57 <[(II)II]I>
Dicrindal bipyramid N/A N/A 58 <([II]II)I>
Cubindrical crind N/A N/A 59 ([(II)II]I)
Dibiconic crind N/A N/A 60 (<(II)II>I)
Cubic bipyramidal prism N/A N/A 61 [<[III]I>I]
Bisphonic prism N/A N/A 62 [<(III)I>I]
Cubic crindal prism N/A N/A 63 [([III]I)I]
Octahedral crindal prism N/A N/A 64 [(<III>I)I]
Octahedral prismatic bipyramid N/A N/A 65 <[<III>I]I>
Bispherindrone N/A N/A 66 <[(III)I]I>
Cubic crindal bipyramid N/A N/A 67 <([III]I)I>
Octahedral crindal bipyramid N/A N/A 68 <(<III>I)I>
Octahedral prismatic crind N/A N/A 69 ([<III>I]I)
Spherindrical crind N/A N/A 70 ([(III)I]I)
Cubic bipyramidal crind N/A N/A 71 (<[III]I>I)
Bisphonic crind N/A N/A 72 (<(III)I>I)
Bicylindronic prism N/A N/A 73 [<[(II)I]I>I]
Crindal bipyramidal prism N/A N/A 74 [<([II]I)I>I]
Cylindrical crindal prism N/A N/A 75 [([(II)I]I)I]
Biconic crindal prism N/A N/A 76 [(<(II)I>I)I]
Biconic prismatic bipyramid N/A N/A 77 <[<(II)I>I]I>
Crindal prismatic bipyramid N/A N/A 78 <[([II]I)I]I>
Cylindrical crindal bipyramid N/A N/A 79 <([(II)I]I)I>
Biconic crindal bipyramid N/A N/A 80 <(<(II)I>I)I>
Biconic prismatic crind N/A N/A 81 ([<(II)I>I]I)
Crindal prismatic crind N/A N/A 82 ([([II]I)I]I)
Bicylindronic crind N/A N/A 83 (<[(II)I]I>I)
Crindal bipyramidal crind N/A N/A 84 (<([II]I)I>I)
Duocyldyinder 11a 34 85 [(II)(II)I]
Duocircular tegmal bipyramid N/A N/A 86 <(II)(II)I>
Duocrindal crind N/A N/A 87 ([II][II]I)
Duocircular tegmal prism N/A N/A 88>/td> [<(II)(II)>I]
Duocrindal prism N/A N/A 89 [([II][II])I]
Biduocylindrone N/A N/A 90 <[(II)(II)]I>
Duocrindal bipyramid N/A N/A 91 <([II][II])I>
Duocylindrical crind N/A N/A 92 ([(II)(II)]I)
Duocircular tegmal crind N/A N/A 93 (<(II)(II)>I)
Cyloctahedrinder N/A N/A 94 [<III>(II)]
Cylspherinder 14a 32 95 [(III)(II)]
Circle/cube duotegum N/A N/A 96 <[III](II)>
Circle/sphere duotegum N/A N/A 97 <(III)(II)>
Square/cube duocrind N/A N/A 98 ([III][II])
Square/octahedron duocrind N/A N/A 99 (<III>[II])
Circle/bicone duoprism N/A N/A 100 [<(II)I>(II)]
Circle/crind duoprism N/A N/A 101 [([II]I)(II)]
Circle/cylinder duotegum N/A N/A 102 <[(II)I](II)>
Circle/crind duotegum N/A N/A 103 <([II]I)(II)>
square/cylinder duocrind N/A N/A 104 ([(II)I][II])
Square/bicone duocrind N/A N/A 105 (<(II)I>[II])