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A hexagon is a 6-sided polygon. It is also the truncated triangle. It is one of the regular polygons that can tile the plain.


The coordinates of a regular hexagon of side 2 are:

(±1, ±√3)
(0, ±2)


  • The area of a regular hexagon with side length l is equal to six times the area of an equilateral triangle with side length l, i.e.:
3√32 · l2
  • Because the diameter of a hexagon is twice its side length, the area of a hexagon with diameter l is a quarter of this, i.e.:
3√38 · l2


The hexagon of side 1 may be dissected into:

  • 6× equilateral triangle with side 1
  • rhombus with angles 2×{60°,120°}

Incidence matrix

Dual: Self-dual

0 Va= point ;
1 Ea2= digon ;
2 6a66= hexagon ;

Usage as facets

Notable Dishapes
Flat: trianglesquarepentagonhexagonoctagondecagon
Curved: circle

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