List of bracketopes (Meta, 4)

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This is a list of bracketopes in dimensions from one to three.

Name Rotopic index Bracketopic index Bracket notation CSG notation
1D bracketopes
Line 1 1 [x] E
2D bracketopes
Square 2 2 [xy] EE
Diamond* N/A 3 <xy> ED
Circle 4 4 (xy) EL
3D bracketopes
Cube 5 5 [xyz] EEE
Cuboid* N/A 6 [<xy>z] EDE
Cylinder 11 7 [(xy)z] ELE
Wide octahedron* N/A 8 <[xy]z> EED
Octahedron N/A 9 <xyz> EDD
Bicone N/A 10 <(xy)z> ELD
Crind N/A 11 ([xy]z) ELE&EEL
Narrow crind* N/A 12 (<xy>z) (ELE&EEL)Rx[45°]Syz[2-1√2]
Sphere 7 13 (xyz) ELL
4D bracketopes
Tesseract 45 14 [xyzw] EEEE
Narrow tesseract* N/A 15 [<xy>zw] EDEE
Cubinder 34 16 [(xy)zw] ELEE
Wide octahedral prism* N/A 17 [<[xy]z>w] EEDE
Octahedral prism N/A 18 [<xyz>w] EDDE
Biconic prism N/A 19 [<(xy)z>w] ELDE
Crindal prism N/A 20 [([xy]z)w] (EL&LE)E
Narrow crindal prism* N/A 21 [(<xy>z)w] (ELE&EEL)Rx[45°]Syz[2-1√2]E
Spherinder 20 22 [(xyz)w] ELLE

<[xyz]w> bicubone? <[<xy>z]w> narrow bicubone* <[(xy)z]w> bicylone <[xy]zw> wide hexadecachoron* <xyzw> hexadecachoron <(xy)zw> dibicone <([xy]z)w> bicrone <(<xy>z)w> narrow bicrone* <(xyz)w> bisphone

Cubic bipyramid? N/A 23 <[xyz]w> EEED
Narrow cubic bipyramid* N/A 24 <[<xy>z]w> EDED
Cylindrical bipyramid N/A 25 <[(xy)z]w> ELE
Wide hexadecachoron* N/A 26 <[xy]zw> EEDD
Hexadecachoron N/A 27 <xyzw> EDDD
Dibicone N/A 28 <(xy)zw> ELDD
Crindal bipyramid N/A 29 <([xy]z)w> (ELE&EEL)D
Narrow crindal bipyramid* N/A 30 <(<xy>z)w> (ELE&EEL)Rx[45°]Syz[2-1√2]D
Bisphone N/A 31 <(xyz)w> ELLD