Tridiminished rhodoperihedron (EntityTopic, 10)

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The tridiminished rhodoperihedron, also known as the tridiminished rhombicosidodecahedron, is the 83rd Johnson solid, J83.

Relationship with J63

J83 can be constructed as a sort of informal expansion of J63 - the tridiminished icosahedron, or trigonal ursahedron - as can be seen in the following images. This is similar to the derivation of the D4.15.

To make visualisation easier, we split J83 into a "bottom" half and a "top" half, such that the object is not top-heavy:

"bottom" half

"top" half

Below both halves are drawn in Schlegel diagrams below, with the bottom half colored red and the top half colored blue. The first shows J83, the second shows J83 and J63 together, and the third shows J63.


J83 and J63

J63 only



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