Omniaugmented dodecahedral prism (EntityTopic, 13)

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The omniaugmented dodecahedral prism is a CRF polytope with 2 dodecahedra, 24 pentagonal pyramids, and 60 square pyramids. It is constructed by augmenting the pentagonal prisms of the dodecahedral prism with pentagonal prism pyramids. Its lace tower is (x5o3o || o5o3A || x5o3o) or xox5ooo3oAo, where A = 3√5.


Centered on dodecahedron:


Side view:


Close-up projective view without visibility clipping, showing all 3 layers concentrically:



   # x5o3o:
   apacs<phi, phi, phi> ~ <±1>
   epacs<0, 1, phi^2> ~ <±1>

   # o5o3A:
   (3/√5)*epacs<1, 0, phi> ~ <0>

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