Cyltetrahedrinder (EntityTopic, 11)

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The cyltetrahedrinder is the Cartesian product of a tetrahedron and a circle.

It is bounded by four cyltrianglinders and one curved 4-surface of some description. Its cells are six cylinders and four curved cells formed by bending prisms of the faces of the tetrahedron around in 4D. Its faces are four circles and six curved-cylinder-surfaces. It has four edges and no vertices.


The following is a projection of the cyltetrahedrinder. Note that the green lines and the black lines are actually transitive with each other:


Notable Pentashapes
Flat: pyroteronaeroterongeoteron
Curved: tritoruspentasphereglonecylspherindertesserinder

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50. 212
51. 1121
Conic diprism
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