Conic diprism (EntityTopic, 11)

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A conic diprism is a special case of a prism where the base is a coninder. It is also a special case of a diprism where the base is a cone. It is bounded by four coninders, a cubinder and a cubindrogram.


  • Variables:
r ⇒ radius of base of conic diprism
h ⇒ height of conic diprism
l ⇒ length of conic diprism
total edge length = Unknown
total surface area = Unknown
surcell volume = Unknown
surteron bulk = Unknown
pentavolume = πr2hl23-1
[!x,!y] ⇒ Unknown
[!z] ⇒ cubinder of radius (r-rnh-1) and height l
[!w,!φ] ⇒ coninder of base radius r, height h and length l

Notable Pentashapes
Flat: pyroteronaeroterongeoteron
Curved: tritoruspentasphereglonecylspherindertesserinder

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Conic diprism
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Square pyramidal diprism
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