Radial slice (ConceptTopic, 4)

From Hi.gher. Space

A radial slice of a k-dimensional shape is the BSM intersection of that shape with a m-dimensional hyperspace containing a given n-dimensional hyperspace, where 0 ≤ n < m < k. Obviously, radial slices only exist for shapes of two dimensions or higher.

Usually, a "zero angle" is set for a shape and a particular n-space, and its radial slices can then be indexed by the angle between a given radial slice and the zero angle.

A radial slice can be defined with the notation a:b, where a is the definition of the n-space and b is the definition of the m-space. Also, a set of radial slices can be defined with the same notation, but where b is now the definition of the m-space with the zero angle.