D4.8.x (EntityClass, 15)

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D4.8.x is a class of four as yet unnamed CRF polychora, with a common middle boundary. However, unlike any set of CRF polyhedra, this boundary is a skew polyhedron, i.e. its vertices do not all lie in a common realm. The projection of this boundary is a rectified version of near-miss #22 listed on this page. This boundary is described by the lace tower o3F3o || x3x3f || F3o3x, and its projection can be constructed as the 3D union of each of the CD symbols in the tower. There are four components that can be glued together: (not all elements are currently listed below)

  • A1 = tetrahedron + 4 J92's, found in the original D4.8
  • B1 = octahedron + 4 J91's, found on the other side of the original D4.8
  • A2 = truncated tetrahedron + 4 (inverted) J92's found in D4.8.2, as discovered by student5
  • B2 = octahedron + 4 J92's, as described by student91

The A's and B's have matching boundaries in the shape of the aforementioned skew polyhedron, so either of the A's can be glued to either of the B's. So we have 4 combinations:

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