Johnsonian Polytopes

Discussion of known convex regular-faced polytopes, including the Johnson solids in 3D, and higher dimensions; and the discovery of new ones.

Re: Johnsonian Polytopes

Postby Polyhedron Dude » Tue Feb 04, 2014 1:37 am

quickfur wrote:
Polyhedron Dude wrote:Great renders of Spidrox!, you can easily see the swirlprism and polytwister symmetries with these renders. By the way, it was George Olshevsky who originally found it.


Ironically enough, I've skimmed over your swirlprisms page before, but since most of them were non-convex, I wrongly assumed that they were all non-convex, so for a long time I've been thinking about searching for CRFs (convex) that show swirlprism symmetry. Eventually, I found this one, and it turned out to be one of the convex entries on your page. :lol: So what goes around, comes around. :mrgreen:

Now, I also realized that the same diminishing can be applied to x5o3x3o to produce something with swirlprism symmetry; it is basically a Stott expansion of Spidrox, and has rings of alternating decagonal prisms and parabidiminished x5o3x's. Not sure if it's scaliform, though; is this one also known? (I'm pretty sure it should be, but just in case. :P )

I haven't looked at this one yet, for a minute there I was thinking it would be scaliform, but I now suspect it has two types of verfs.
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