Quantum Mechanics and Spirituality

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Quantum Mechanics and Spirituality

Postby ICN5D » Tue Jan 21, 2014 2:23 am

Another cool idea that I've had for some time is a rather reasonable explanation for the existence of an after-life being, made of energy. Some would call them spirits, or ghosts.

I believe that when we die, we don't ACTUALLY die. We know our consciousness is made from a tightly confined and deeply interconnected field of energy in our nervous system. Our bodies are the material vessel that contains the energy. It is meant to nurture and develop the energy pattern in the form of learning and memory storage. When this material vessel expires, the energy evaporates into a larger volume of space. We all know that energy cannot be destroyed, it changes into another form.

Almost 100 years ago, Einstein and several other particle physicists discovered an affect called Quantum Entanglement. It happens when two subatomic particles, like electrons, interact and move apart. What Einstein and others continue to see was that they are still interacting with each other after moving apart. This happens instantaneously. That means infinitely fast, as in infinitely faster than the speed of light. This didn't settle well with Einstein, because it violated his law of relativity. He called it "spooky action at a distance". Some current technology doesn't only rely on this effect, it won't work without it! Take LED lights, for instance.

So, all our lives , this electrical energy field has been tightly confined and deeply interconnected with quantum entanglements. When this field is dispersed, it is STILL connected, and continues to function as a connected whole. This can be called our "spirit". Spirits have no emotion. I believe that our thoughts are electrical, but our emotions are chemical and are only created by the material vessel. Emotions are for survival, to keep the material vessel intact for as long as possible. Adrenaline, serotonin, dopamine, these are molecules of atoms, not electricity.

Our material vessel has severe handicaps. It's in the way we observe the world. All energy exits as quite literally waves of probability. When you walk into a dark room and flick the light on so you can see, there's so much more going on here. In order to "see" anything, you have to bounce something off of it. Light, sound, your finger. Turning on a light is more like activating a particle generator that spews out trillions of tiny objects. These objects have to bounce off of something to come back to your eye. So, your eye is recording the echo, like sonar. Each reflected photon represents a specific location in space and time that an object was in. What we are really doing here is collapsing the spread out wave function of matter/energy into an exact point-like position. Recording the photon having bounced off that particular atom, in that location, at that particular moment. We really see in reflections of the past. Furthermore, we're not even seeing matter itself, only the electron field around the nucleus.

I once had a dream where I believe I was in an unobserved universe. I was standing in the middle of an intersection in a city. There were no people around. Everything around me, the light pole, the mailbox, even the road had this weird wave-like emanation of itself from within. From the center would be this repeating hall-of-mirrors effect moving outwards. The edges has this choppy, rippling effect, as if parts of the object were being cast off and disappearing. Every object was reflecting off of each other, and there seemed to be some weird pattern to it. As if I were emanating the waves of the surroundings, like some centralized wave machine in the middle of a pool. The complex undulations became objects around me. It was very strange. And, no, at that point in time, I wasn't on any crazy mushroom trips. I was dreaming while asleep :)
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