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SSCN, standing for Standard Shape Construction Notation, is a notation for defining shapes. It uses operations, in a similar but more flexible manner to CSG notation.

Note that SSCN is now obsolete. SSC2 provides a newer notation (advantages are listed on its page). This page concerns SSCN only, and should be used only for archaic reference.



  • Gx - start new group, regular polygon with x vertices
  • Rx - recall saved group x (saved groups are numbered from 0 upwards from left to right)




  • {} - vertex layout fold
  • ^n - powertope, where n is a group, or multiple copies of the shape, where n is an integer (can also use superscript)
  • S - save group to use with Rx


  • All groups that aren't products must begin with either Gx or Rx.
  • Dimensions may be specified immediately before a group by using lowercase letters.
  • Lowercase letters with no group after them indicate a line segment in that dimension.
  • Tigroids are not representable in this notation unless they can be well defined without using spheration.
  • Any bracketope's bracket notation can also be used as its SSCN.