TAK4D - a 4D maze

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TAK4D - a 4D maze

Postby raktres » Sun Feb 07, 2021 9:34 pm

There are already some 4D games, I just released a basic new one.
You can try it online on page https://www.raktres.net/tak4d/, tab "maze" (don't miss the "help" button on the right!).

Generally, 4-dimensional spaces are represented through a single projection. The idea here, is to use the principle of multiviews for technical drawing and represent an object through several projections.
4-dimensional space is therefore seen through 4 projections (or cuts) on 3-dimensional spaces.

Using this idea I had already made a simple polytopes visualization tool a few years ago (I started rewriting it on "viewer" tab). I used the principle to make this maze game. It is very basic, movements are limited to the 8 main directions, and the levels are currently very small.

It is better to try it on a PC, the interface is not very suitable for smartphones.

Hope you find some fun there.

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