I made an 8D maze app.

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I made an 8D maze app.

Postby Dreamwalker » Fri May 29, 2015 5:45 am

Hi, everyone.

I'm new to these forums (see my intro topic in the Off-Topic area), but I've thought about different dimensions once in awhile for about 10 years. I recently (in Feb 2015) decided to start learning programming (since I had a few good ideas I hadn't seen anyone do yet), and my first app was something relatively "easy" to make, at least for people with a good understanding of higher dimensions. For a complete programming newbie like me it took a few months, and I know that an experienced programmer could've probably done it in a few days, but I'm still proud of my work. :XP:

My maze app is called Hypermaze!

Links to the app on iTunes (iOS) and Google Play (Android) can be found on my website. I'm also completely new to html and domain ownership, so forgive the website looking like it was made by a teenager in 1999.


I'll release it for Windows Phone too, but I can't do that on Windows 7. I need to wait for the free Windows 10 upgrade; then I should be able to do it.

There aren't too many hyperdimensional maze apps out there. There's some programs (for normal computers, not phones) for 4D mazes, including the one I really love where you can actually see all the different-colored lines on the tesseracts and try to immerse yourself in the experience. And there's a 4D maze iPhone app that shows 2 perpendicular 2D cross sections on the screen at once (though the extent to which that actually helps me navigate it is limited), but due to it all having to fit on the screen you can't generate really big mazes. And there's also an up-to-6D iPhone app called Omnimaze that looks pretty cool but the mazes all seem to be pre-generated interesting shapes without a ton of rooms. I love all 3 of those, but at the same time I felt I still had a sleek (and very simple) way of making randomized mazes in any number of dimensions (though I chose to stop at 8).

I just display one room at-a-time (like old-fashioned games where you had to make a map yourself if you don't want to get lost) and show arrows of various colors in different directions around the room. Red means 1st dimension, Blue means 2nd, Green means 3rd, etc., and they are evenly spaced around the circle for whatever dimension you're using. My way of doing it helps reinforce that none of the dimensions are particularly more special than any of the others. Sure, there is something to be gained from visualizing the 4th dimension as in/out or as time, but there's also something to be gained from seeing all dimensions visualized in basically the same way (just spaced around a circle).

Although it's an "8D maze app", you can actually play mazes in any integer number of dimensions from 0 through 8. You guys all know what 0D and 1D "mazes" are though. ;) Total jokes. Anyway, let me know what you think! :D

P.S. iTunes takes WAY longer to approve apps and their updates than Google Play does. While v1.1.1 took 12 days for iTunes to approve for publication, it only took maybe an hour or two on Google Play. I guess Apple does more to make sure the app doesn't crash than Google does, but still.. that's a very large difference, especially when I had to pay Apple 4 times as much than I had to pay Google - not even counting the price of the Mac Mini I had to buy to use xCode.
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Re: I made an 8D maze app.

Postby wendy » Fri May 29, 2015 9:19 am

Don't worry, i wrote my own web-page thing. It don't come easy,

Anyway, welcome to the forum.
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