Mike D'Zmura's Hyper?

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Mike D'Zmura's Hyper?

Postby Splat! » Wed Nov 14, 2007 8:58 pm

This looked like an interesting program to experiment with, but it looks like all links to this program that I could find are no longer valid.

Anyone know of a valid link where this can be downloaded anymore? :cry:
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Postby pat » Sun Nov 25, 2007 6:33 pm

I can't find the source either, but this looks like a resulting paper: http://citeseer.ist.psu.edu/483579.html
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Re: Mike D'Zmura's Hyper?

Postby neverhood311 » Thu Jul 02, 2015 6:04 pm

I contacted Mike D'Zmura and he responded with a link to the software. It's the compiled version, not the source, mind you.

Really interesting to play with, though it's hard to keep track of all the controls.

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