Large Being Over Time

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Large Being Over Time

Postby Hugh » Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:02 am

Just thinking today about how we're all made up from cells that have been from our parents.

So the sperm and egg cells which are alive in our parents join together to make all the cells that are alive in each of us.

Our parents each came from cells from their parents, and so on, back in time.

So over a long period of time, there is a pathway of living cells that have created more living cells, which exist today in all of us.

I think the geneticists have shown that there was a common mother (and father) that all modern humans share.

Probably the further they go back the more they can show how through evolution we are genetically linked up to other forms of life as well.

I remember reading about how one can visualize the dimension of time by seeing what happens to something over that period of time as a whole thing.

For example, seeing a baseball being hit by a bat and seeing that baseball over the whole time that it is flying through the air, one can envision the totality of that ball's travel as a long snake-like thing, curving up, then down onto the ground.

The baseball, over time has a different appearance than the single millisecond-slice that we see it in, it has more of a very long snake-like reality to it instead.

In the same way, if we could see the overall large human species over time, whose living cells have been continuing on and multiplying for hundreds of thousands of years, we would see it as a much different being than just the single millisecond-single-human-slice that we normally see it in. :)
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