The 26-D Omniverse

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The 26-D Omniverse

Postby ICN5D » Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:29 am

One radical idea that I've had for a while is what I call my "omniverse theory". In order to better describe the nature of what it is that we live in, I have adopted the name omniverse for a region that contains all possible universes. A universe is then a slice, or cross section of this 26 dimensional region, at a given depth, angle, thickness, and pattern. Angle and depth represent the extended dimensions. Thickness represents the compactified dimensions of the Calabi-Yau manifold. And finally, the pattern represents the fractal structure of physical forms, from the smallest to the largest spacetime scales.

The omniverse contains all possible equations in String and M-theory, in addition to other methods. Each axis represents one of the dimensionless constants of nature. The values of the 26 constants then become points along a plane, our universe cross section. Other universes are then parallel versions of our manifested reality, where the particulars are different but the result is the same. So long as the forces, masses, and charges allow for a long term balance, emergent phenomena as complex as intelligent life is probable. This argues against the Anthropic Principle, or perhaps expands it, to include alternative harmonic balances that also create life. Slightly altering a constant of nature would destroy the balance. But, altering most or all of them in the required way would create another harmonic balance.

Ultimately, all that seems to be required is some sort of particle complexity engine, where the starting ingredients can be automatically combined due to the nature of the physics. In our universe we have stars, which are large matter combination factories. They exist in a balance between the crushing force of gravity and the explosive force of nuclear fusion. Tiny particles are seemingly born with the programmed intent to cluster together and fuse, generating a balance between the strongest and weakest forces of our nature. These stars will also generate a stream of energy and particles, which end up striking the surface of a planet, a field of matter. A stream of energy flowing through a system of particles on a long enough time line will eventually lead to complex matter formations.

Life forms are interesting things. They disobey the fundamental laws of thermodynamics. All order is supposed to lead to disorder, eventually it does. Our existence seems to be in a state of random quantum convergence, where for a very short period of time, matter exists in a state of ultra-low entropy, against all odds. Galloping around as a densely compacted arrangement of atoms flowing in a highly ordered system, we're none the wiser to this strange existence. Our health relies on the precise location of every atom in our body, and a slight rearrangement of the order will cause instability, a true measure of the entropy. Geological time on the order of even a million years is a vast amount, relatively speaking. The planet having formed 4,600 of those million-year segments ago makes our 90 years an instant snapshot, capturing the nature of the world as more like a frame on a film reel.

Each living being will scan and record its surroundings and events, creating a specific definition of the universe, from a unique vantage point. The environment is an unbiased, and passive external field. It simply lies there, waiting for translation. Our description of it is a wholly unique, and very subjective point of view. This is naturally unavoidable as manifested by the limits of our senses. However, when our tools advance, so does the range of our senses and thus our knowledge. It seems to be more like a universe is within an individual, rather than an individual within a universe. We can only know what we can observe, directly or indirectly. When we communicate what we observe, everyone is on the same page, more or less. Yet to a limit, nonetheless. Our range of vision is infinitely limited.
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