Timelines, twisted

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Timelines, twisted

Postby Secret » Sun Apr 10, 2011 9:33 am

http://jayisgames.com/archives/2011/04/ ... alkthrough

If you try to draw a timeline connecting all the major events in this game, you'll notice 2 Closed timelike curves (timeloops) and 3 intersection points of future timeline with past timeline. And finally an event which destroys all the CTC and intersections at a later timepoint.

My hypothesis is (assume type 2 time travel in this game(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_travel: History is flexible and is subject to change) is true)
Instead of simply tracing along the timeloops, we can also consider the "time" where the timeloops and intersections are formed and destoryed.
That way it will seemed that there are two scales of time (not to be confused with multiple time dimensions):
A local scale (the timeline graph of e.g. this game)
A global scale (above in additon to the events "outside" yet related to the timeline (e.g. the "time" where the CTC and intersections are formed and destroyed.)

So the whole timeline can be resolved as: event A-> generation of CTC and intersection -> event B -> destruction of the CTC and intersection.

As the event where CTC and intersection is destroyed occurs "later" than the formation of CTC and intersection, the aforementioned change will not interfence with the future or past of the local timeline (i.e. the timeline graph of this game).

From the above, if Future dr stanley does not order james to travel back to time to correct the past, even though the intersections in the past had "happened", they will "then" dissapears. Therefore Dr stanley becomes not stopped.

If type 1 time travel is true, things will be simpler. The entire timeline graph is predetermined and as it progress, it follows the pre-determined rules to change.

(Flaw: Cannot explain the origin of the screwdriver nor the ladder)

(Note this is just a speculation, not a scientific essay, thus there's no scientific evidence included, feel free to discuss)

P.S. I still don't know how to incorporate relativity into my hyprothesis, as i still confused by it
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Re: Timelines twisted

Postby Secret » Tue Jan 17, 2012 2:03 pm

Premonition timeline graph done

Premonition Timeline Graph (See attachment):
Number of incursions: 8
Number of Precognitions/Retrocausalitic memory: 5
Number of possible quantum realities: At least 6
Number of time travels: 7
Number of intra-reality time loops: 8 (+ 2 if consider the Wed->Tues possibility)
Number of inter-reality time loops: 1 (+ 1 if consider alt E->B possibility)

Blue boxes are incursions, points where Linda causes a change in the timeline

Yellow is where Linda get sent from alt B to alt E

Green boxes are alt B events

Red line marks Linda's travel route
Black lines marks the travel route for other key objects (none of which time travels)

Green lines points to Linda's memory of the events, often the cause of doing her incursions

Grey lines are alt realities which become inaccessible after Linda's incursion

The colors of the bold arrows matches the colors of either Pro or Epi, thus are considered as linking to either Pro or Epi

If there is no past or future but just a disjointed series of presents, then there is no single timeline, but a massive timeweb including all possible routes to travel to. Each person are actually following their own timeline despite they might be in the same place and time. When one person change history, they are modfying their existing path of time they are travleing on and might turn it into another direction. Despite one might see he had change history, the path of time traveled by other entities are actually unaffected

This is my view about time travel after piecing the timeline of Premonition together
Timeline graph
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Re: Timelines, twisted

Postby jackmason » Sat Dec 29, 2012 12:45 pm

Yes I have noticed that it happens. But then how to do it in the right way?
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