Ring time

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Ring time

Postby anderscolingustafson » Thu Mar 10, 2011 4:17 am

Knowing that space may curve back in on itself in another dimension so that it has no edges but is finite I wander if there could be a universe were time curves back in on itself in another dimension time dimension. I know that this is impossible for our universe with the Big Bang meaning that time for our universe had a beginning but I was thinking of what if there was a universe were time is finite but has no beginning or end. By this I mean were if you wait long enough you return to the same moment that you started at and were the entropy of the cosmos remains constant. What would a world were time curves back in on itself be like?
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Re: Ring time

Postby Secret » Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:08 am

This kind of universe is the same as a universe with closed tike like curves CTC
A region of CTC loops back on itself.

Things either reset after a certain time has passed
Or just continue

For the latter case, this result in paradoxes which we will never know what really will happen until we finally be able to time travel

Using the many worlds interpretations, there will be an infinite of quantum states which produce at the same rate of the reciprocal of the CTC period.

I cannot imagine what would happen to the conservation of energy , however.

CTC are like blacks holes in time, physics might break down in these regions
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