Closing in on the Electron

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Closing in on the Electron

Postby gonegahgah » Wed Apr 26, 2023 12:33 pm

This is developing as hopefully heading more towards the conception of what an electron might be somewhat like:
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The key things are that this electron which is made of gravitite is just simply a long emr.
Gravitite is just my name for the material source of Gravity.

Likewise photons (and everything existing) is made of gravitite by this hypothesis.
However, by spinning in place, unlike the photon, it takes on the appearance of a charge.
Forming a continuous spiralling spiral along its length gives us a negative charge in the electron due to its clockwise moment.
The opposite would be the case for protons where they would have positive charge due to their anticlockwise moment.
The emr (or gravitite) held together by its own gravity spins very rapidly creating an area of clockwise moments (or negative charge) around the electron.

I was trying to think what could keep the somewhat contained shape (ie. exemplified by a sphere here).
It would most likely spin like a cylinder if the were no other constraints.
It occurred to me that maybe a central pillar-like length would help maintain a shape somewhat like this.

I further reckoned from this that the gravitite, which is going round and round due to the spin, would also probably flow under the forces along its length.
This would see the gravitite material, as well as travelling around under that spin, also slowly flowing towards one end of the electron, forced down the centre, and then continuing from the other end and back around again.
That isn't central to the idea but I feel it would be a natural due to the effects.

What about the other forces then? Pish posh to a force that is supposed to get stronger with distance, I say. That really seems super incredulous.
And, what about the other forces that are stronger than gravity.
Well, I contend that gravitite has a much (much) stronger gravitational effect than we feel.
If two particles are spinning in opposite ways I contend that most of the gravitational force is cancelled out.
So, I would extrapolate this to mean that most of the gravity that we feel is actually just residual gravity and that most of it is actually cancelled out due to spin.
You just have to look at lagrange points to see that gravity can cancel out, usually on either side of us but I believe spin can redirect gravity against others of itself.

Alignment of gravitite moments then gives us magnetism.
Magnetism would just be highly aligned gravity focusing more of that force along a line which then spreads out through the poles in the classic magnetic fashion.

Well, why don't the electrons fall into the nucleus?
Same reason electrons don't move towards or away from a magnet but instead move sideways.
Things are always attracted to or repelled to each other at 90 degrees to the direction towards that other thing, again because of the effect of spin.
We've all seen what spin does to things but it largely goes ignore at the subatomic level for whatever reason?
Spin is the key I believe and the reason that we can have clockwise and anticlockwise moments in 3D space.

Why did I post this here?
I don't think many people will read it here as sadly this forum is probably under travelled.
But I did want to post it somewhere so it was at least out there as an idea on the net.
Maybe chatGPT will pick it up one day!? [Spiral Theory of Energy and Matter].
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