Relative of the grand antiprism?

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Relative of the grand antiprism?

Postby username5243 » Mon Mar 16, 2020 8:14 pm

So I was thinking about the grand antiprism (gap) lately, and I thought of a potential CRF that I'm not sure has been discussed here before.

Gap can be constructed from ex (x3o3o5o, 600-cell) by chopping of 2 orthogonal cycles of 10 vertices. My idea was to do something similar starting with sidpixhi (x3o3o5x). That is, remove the vertices of 20 dodecahedra in 2 rings of 10 from sidpixhi.

The chopped off bits here will be segmentochoron doe || srid (dodecahedron || small rhombicosidodecahedron). however, just like in gap itself, the caps intersect, so will be diminished into pabidrids (parabidiminished srids) instead. Therefore, this figure will have 20 pabidrids, connected in two rings of 10 by their decagonal faces. The 100 remaining does should still be present and remain intact. There will also be an arrangement of tets, presumably similar to those of gap, plus some number of pips and trips I haven't worked out yet.

Will this construction produce a valid CRF? If so, what should it be called?
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