4D rotation changes orientation of a 3D chiral object

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4D rotation changes orientation of a 3D chiral object

Postby raktres » Sat Mar 27, 2021 6:56 pm


I looked for a way to visualize how a 4D rotation could change orientation of a 3D chiral object. Concept is easy to imagine with gloves but I wanted a more visual way to handle this.

I achieved this using https://www.raktres.net/tak4d/?app=viewer, based on ADSODA algorithm from Greg Ferrar.

A 4D object is projected along 4 axis, so four 3D objects can be displayed. The 4D object is built so that the projection along W axis is chiral. When the 4D object is rotated around XY planes, we can see how the orientation of the 3D object changes.

The timelaps hereafter shows the process.


You can do it by yourself on https://www.raktres.net/tak4d/?app=viewer, or play with a very few other 4D objects (change object with «load» button on the down-right panel and move it with «move» button).

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