4D visualization starting with 3d objects in 4D

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Re: 4D visualization starting with 3d objects in 4D

Postby ICN5D » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:38 pm

4Dspace .....

If you don't like the responses you are getting here, you can always ask them here:




It's a great source of the information that you are looking for.

But, fair warning, dude. You should conduct yourself with a greater degree of maturity than you are right now. Or, your experience will be disastrous.

Basically, do not say things like:

4Dspace wrote:If true, it has far-reaching consequences in many areas of science, especially physics.

4Dspace wrote:All you do is parrot the analogy. This is a concrete thing

4Dspace wrote:The other thing you do not see, because you're confused by analogies, is that 3D volume IS NOT 0 volume, like 2D is.

4Dspace wrote:Hi ICN5D, the tone of confidence in your post made me think that I have missed a novel trend in math and 0 times infinity is no longer 0, as I thought. So I checked it out. Take a look:

4Dspace wrote:I see while i was typing this you posted a cute picture of a cube... Thanks for the effort.

If you do, you will see your question get cross-posted to all of the places on reddit that make fun of you, at your expense. It will be very unrewarding. Much of what you have already said is a gold mine for those types of reddit users. They literally go hunting for this kind of content.

The best thing to do is to:

- stop assuming you are right (keep that thinking mind open to being possibly wrong)

- overly admit your naivety and ignorance to the subject (these are also actual mathematicians and professors, like Dr. Klitzing here)

- stay on topic, no mediocre sarcasm (just don't even try it)

- definitely do not say stuff like "has far reaching consequences in math/physics"

If you act the same way on /r/math as you do here, it will be disastrous. No one will do this to you here, so this forum is your safe space. But, they absolutely will do it to you on Reddit. Fair warning, dude.

But, if you're feeling adventurous and don't believe me on this, go try it out! It will still be educational in many ways. Especially seeing what happens to anti-social conduct on the internet.
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