4D Gyroids

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4D Gyroids

Postby cookie » Fri Dec 06, 2019 8:08 am

Hello friends,

I have been a lurker for some time now and became hooked on Calcplot3D due to its simplicity (as opposed to Mathematica and others) thanks to the inhabitants of the Toratopes sub. I have been applying my interest in gyroid modeling to higher dimensions with some (IMO) aesthetically appealing results. I would love to share my weird hobby with you all and discuss these, because gyroids (and associated triply periodic minimal surfaces) have many applications in the physical world, in addition to their mathematically interesting properties. I've started compiling them into a twitter account recently (among some other unrelated manifolds) that I plan to keep updating in the future. First I should figure out where the best place to put them would be and would appreciate any input. Thanks and enjoy~

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