How hard it is to make a space engline?

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How hard it is to make a space engline?

Postby Garland » Tue Sep 29, 2020 12:02 pm


So my question is pretty basic, but which processes are involved in doing it? I've read an article on bloomberg about new engine (click to read) and taking into consideration that it's not a start-up, but not a huge corporation - how hard it is to build such stuff and what are the requirements fro this? Why we do not have young space start-ups?

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Re: How hard it is to make a space engline?

Postby ICN5D » Wed Oct 21, 2020 10:40 pm

We do have 'young' space startups. It's just outrageously expensive. The materials required, the amount you need (large quantities of tungsten, titanium, beryllium, etc), the insane engineering bottlenecks you have to overcome to control one of the most powerful chemical explosions known, etc. It ain't easy, bruh. Not only do you have to keep the liquid oxygen and hydrogen fuel cold enough, but you have to use it as a coolant at the same time (for the rocket nozzle). You also have to understand how incredibly dangerous liquid oxygen is. It's volatile and unpredictable, and nobody in their right mind wants to transport a container of the stuff for any amount distance.

So, yeah. Plus, you have to pay very expensive people for their years of R&D time, which comes out of pocket with no return on investment for years to come. So, you gotta throw away billions of dollars, basically. Before anything comes to fruition.
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