Cartesian Geometry beyond Dimensions.

Higher-dimensional geometry (previously "Polyshapes").

Cartesian Geometry beyond Dimensions.

Postby ubersketch » Sun Nov 18, 2018 7:53 pm

In this post I will post the concept of a mension.
To start we will introduce the unimensions.
These are all the natural numbers.
Now onto the dimensions.
Eventually after exhausting all of those we go to the next row.
And after exhausting all of those, we continue to the second row, and so on.
After exhausting all of the rows, we go to the 3rd dimension.
We move on the the fourth dimension and so on...
Until we exhaust all of the dimensions and move on to the trimensions.
Of course, these actually correspond to infinite ordinals.
Remember that the unimensions were natural numbers.
If you exhaust the natural numbers, you get omega or w.
All of the n-mensions have a limit of epsilon0 or e0.
Note: A [0] separator is just a comma, and any coordinates starting with 0 can have the 0 removed. Also this was inspired by Bowers' hypernomials.
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