2D or not 2D

Ideas about how a world with more than three spatial dimensions would work - what laws of physics would be needed, how things would be built, how people would do things and so on.

2D or not 2D

Postby Beppe58 » Thu Jan 07, 2016 2:55 pm

Prof Spiaccicato of Flatland University detected the 3rd dimension observing the appearance and disappearance of an increasing and decreasing circle. A sphere intersected the Flatland Universe.
Now Spiaccicato asks himself:
1. A 3rd spatial dimension exists. What is the geometric relationship between 2D Flatland and the 3D dimension ?
2. Two hypothesies:
2.a Flatland is a 2D infinite or infinite flat surface and 3D dimension develops itself “above” Flatland along a direction perpendicular.
2.b Flatland is a boundary shell of a 3D space
3. How is possible to establish the correct relationship between Flatland and its 3D extension ?
4. Is it possible to imagine some cosmological observation, spatial telemetry or quantic experiment in order to solve it ?
5. Prof. Spiaccicato ask to “Hi.gher. Space Forum People” if someone could be suggest an experiment in order to solve the question (if the question is right !).
6. A last note. We assume now that the Universe Model (2.b) is true. It could be possible to travel faster using 3D paths (hyperspace). In such case it will be useful the device described in this forum “Exploring the 4th dimension”, in order to chart a course between two 2D points jointed by a 3D path.
7. If Universe Model (2.a) is true, a 3D travel could be very dangerous. When anyone take off from his 2D universe it could be impossible come back at home (lost in 3d space) !

happy new year, Beppe58
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