8D Antiprisms

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8D Antiprisms

Postby _Geometer » Wed Sep 30, 2020 1:02 pm

I’ve been forgetting to mention that, a few weeks before the lockdown, I found new Hosiap-type antiprisms in eight dimensions and beyond.

I made this discovery after connecting the facts that
a: 3 Hexes can form a compound in the Ico army, and
b: Hadthosidap has Ico•Demitessic symmetry.
If I’ve done all of my math correctly, this regiment should be a blend of 18 Hocto with squared Icoic symmetry.

Now, about the and beyond part: this antiprism can form antiprisms, one in 12 dimensions with Ico•Ico•Demitessic symmetry - three of these, or 54 demidodekeracts, blend to form an antiprism with cubed Icoic symmetry.
This continues infinitely, with the number of blend components multiplying by 3 every four dimensions.
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