Discussion of tapertopes, uniform polytopes, and other shapes with flat hypercells.


Postby ubersketch » Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:58 am

So I came up with a new class of polytopes called semiscaliforms, based on semiuniform polytopes.
So I have created a rule list for semiuniform polytopes which can easily be adapted for a scaliform equivalent.
1. vertex transitive
2. elements are semiuniform
3. faces are vertex-transitive
Now, if you simply remove 2, we have semiscaliforms, polytopes which have vertex-transitive faces and are vertex-transitive, but don't have to have vertex-transitive elements. This allows for a continuum of polytopes, with the amount of semiscaliforms reaching to uncountably infinite.
I'm quite interested of what petsu of semiscaliforms would be like.
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