Bowers style adjectives

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Bowers style adjectives

Postby ubersketch » Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:59 pm

I created a list of hemiation operations and hypertruncation/antitruncation operations based on Bower's style of polytope adjectives.

    h0 hemiated
    h0t2 rhombic
    h0t3 prismic
    h0t4 cellic
    h0t5 teric
    h0t6 petic
    h0t7 exic
    h0t8 zettic
    h0t9 yottic
    h0t2,3 prismatorhombic
    h0t2,4 cellirhombic
    h0t3,4 celliprismic
    h0t2,3,4 celliprismatorhombic
As you can see, you simply replace ated with ic and you get your adjectives.
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