A Stellation Notation For Little Children

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A Stellation Notation For Little Children

Postby ubersketch » Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:27 am

So, I created a new notation for describing stellation processes. This one is actually quite easy to understand.
So first let's get an example. A great dodecahedron.
First off, 2 represents the number of times a process has been done. The superscript 2 represents what the process is exactly doing. Doe should be quite obvious, it's the base polytope being greatened.
1 - Stellating: Replacing the edges with larger edges on the same line.
2 - Greatening: Replacing the faces with larger faces on the same plane.
3 - Aggrandizing: Replacing the cells with larger cells on the same realm.
4 - Teroning: Replacing the terons with larger terons on the same flune.
n - n-stellation: Replacing the n elements with larger n-elements on the same hyperplane.
So yeah. An easy stellation notation that actually works for higher order versions of stellation.
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