Making Polychoron Models

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Making Polychoron Models

Postby Polyhedron Dude » Fri Sep 30, 2016 3:37 am

Howdy, I recently added new content on my website including some instructions on how to build models of ten star polychora provided you can get to four-space first. They include rotating GIF files (created by Stella4D) of the pieces and combos needed to put the polychora together. The following polychora are now available: padohi, gidipthi, rissidtixhi, stut phiddix, getit xethi, affixthi, wavathi, sisp, sixathi, and gidhiquit paddy. It's amazing how little the cross sections do these things justice, seeing the pieces and combos really help in visualizing them. They can be viewed at:


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