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Postby Marek14 » Mon Jun 24, 2019 9:20 am

Klitzing wrote:Just 2 months later the next update of my IncMats website is up already! 8)

2019 / 6 / 22
- added an own page on ridge facetings as well as several according sub-pages
- added an own page on lace simplices, listing all the easiest cases each
- added a section on the Dehn-Summerville equations for simplicial polytopes
- several broken links, esp. on the pages for hyperbolic tilings and to pics of polyterons, now got fixed
- exactly 50 new incmats files as well as nearly 150 additional incidence matrices, many of them for various segmentotera, thus summing up to the following totals:

Total count of actually available polytopes: 3448
Total count of contained incidence matrices: 8256

--- rk

Speaking of hyperbolic tilings, I made some new hi-def images of some, thanks to new HyperRogue features that allow for displaying of general Archimedean tilings. If you want, we could update their page :)
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