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Postby Klitzing » Mon Nov 28, 2022 5:23 pm

Thank you for pointing out the copy-n-paste error with bicypdrahi - which indeed lasted for quite long already, undiscovered.

The point about saddid and sidditdid well is correct, as they indeed are different abstract polytopes, i.e. having different 0-1-matrices, while their symmetry-type incidence matrices no longer care about the different hole types involved. Thus in a quite limiting reading of "twins" those well could be considered such. However those still are far away from the very concern to enlist known pairs of polytopes, which are "largely different" and still have the same face vectors. Thence having largely different incidence matrices - even when considered with respect to symmetry types only, and this not only because of considering different (sub)symmetry representations, orientations or gyrations, would rather be the main concern.

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