Drackle and Drackem

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Drackle and Drackem

Postby wendy » Sun Jul 21, 2013 7:42 am

The name committee has been at it again. In essence, i am not very happy with 'pyramid', because it is two close to 'prism' and that it just means 'pointy'.

So we come to 'drackle' and 'drackem'.

'Drackle' replaces the 'nulloid' or nullitope. Coxeter has already used nullitope to refer to three-dimensional polytopes (eg {3,2}.),

The etymology of drackm is 'handful', 'grasp', derives into greek drachm (handful of coper coins, coin so valued, gold or silver weight do.), or english trape (grip or rim on a sheild). The notion of handle comes then into both the 'name' (a drackle is the downward incident point, to which every surtope incident on a polytope is up-incident onto the content, and down-incident on the drackle. It is also what the draught products grabs to keep the original.

Drackem is then a dragging-product, of content. It matches tegum (a covering product).

Drackle frees up the letter 'n' for the nine-dimensional element. The -1 dimension becomes 'drackle' (D).

Drackem allows one to abbreviate both prism and simpex products by their innitial letters P, D.
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